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Maintenance Utilities Engineer

Date Posted: February 23, 2024

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Maintenance Utilities Engineer with expertise in both GMP and non-GMP utilities systems within the pharmaceutical industry. The ideal candidate will possess significant experience in Installation Qualification (IQ) of equipment and systems, ensuring they meet all regulatory standards and operational requirements. Your role will involve overseeing the maintenance, troubleshooting, and improvement of utility systems to support pharmaceutical manufacturing and ensure uninterrupted, efficient operations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage the maintenance of GMP and non-GMP utility systems, including HVAC, water systems, compressed air, and other critical utilities.
  • Conduct and oversee Installation Qualification (IQ) for new and existing equipment and systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices.
  • Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs to minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation of utility systems.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex utility system issues, providing technical expertise to ensure rapid resolution.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Quality Assurance, Production, and Facilities, to support GMP and non-GMP activities.
  • Ensure all maintenance activities are documented in accordance with GMP requirements, including maintaining accurate records of repairs, replacements, and routine maintenance.
  • Lead and manage projects related to the upgrade, expansion, or installation of new utility systems, ensuring they meet project timelines and budgets.
  • Stay updated on industry regulations and technological advancements related to pharmaceutical utilities and maintenance practices.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, or related field).
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in utility maintenance within the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong emphasis on GMP environments.
  • Proven experience in Installation Qualification (IQ) of pharmaceutical equipment and utilities.
  • Strong understanding of regulatory requirements related to pharmaceutical utilities, including GMP guidelines and FDA/EMA regulations.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex utility systems.
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to lead and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with various departments.
  • Proficiency in maintenance management systems and Microsoft Office Suite.

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